Whalecash News

  • New Black VOD Site

    A new black site called Ghetto Pain has been added. It converts like CRAZY. Be sure to try some black traffic on it. Contact your affiliate rep for the newest banners.
  • New Dating Offers

    We have added 11 new dating offers today. These convert extremely well. The most popular niches like black and asian are doing the best so far. In the coming weeks we will also be adding more micro-niche sites like foot fetish dating. Stay tuned!
  • Four New Offers

    Four new offers have been added today. These sites do extremely well on niche and keyword targeted traffic. Let us know if you need any help promoting the sites.
  • New Offers Added

    Over the past two weeks, we have added seven new niche sites and one gay site. These new offers have insane conversions! Over 500 banners were also added to all sites. Hosted galleries are coming next month!
  • WhaleCash is Open for Business!

    After 5 years of optimizing our sites for the highest conversions possible, we are ready to accept traffic from affiliates. Now you too, can promote the best converting sites in the adult industry. We will provide you with any promotional tools you need to get the job done. Access our highest CTR banners, landing pages, and much more. Create your account today!
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